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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Importance of Navasma/ Navamsha.

Another concept is the horoscope of “Navasma”, which is a parallel chart to the birth horoscope. The Navasma shares about ¼ power of the chart. It is famous saying “If the Birth horoscope is the tree, then the Navasma is the fruit”. How useful is the tree if it bears out only rotten fruit. So therefore along with the A healthy chart it is very important to have an equally good navasma. Hindu astrology has dual purpose for the Navamsa, first to check the strength of the birth chart, second for marriage compatibility. The 7th house i.e. the house of marriage is checked in navasma for accurate prediction about a native’s spouse.

Here comes the fun part, simple and easy. The concept of Vargottam is the most interesting to me, Viggottam means “the best division”. In the Birth chart and the Navamsa a garh is placed in the same rashi it becomes Virgottam, there the star add extra power to the birth chart and amplifies favorable results. For instance : In my birth chart Sun in placed in the mercury’s house ( Gemini) # 3 and similarly in navamsa chart my sun is positioned in Gemini, which makes is it a Virgottam planet.

Here is a very interesting article on the importance of Navamsha. Navamsa is also known as “Navamsha”: Article by: Joni Patry

What leads me to write on the navamsha is the Presidential election. I predicted that President George W. Bush would be elected both terms based on his navamsha. The last election I had undue strife concerning this prediction. I received hate mail and even bets from other astrologers about this prediction. I would say about 75 percent of astrologers predicted that John Kerry would be elected. It really dismayed me when Indian astrologers I had never heard of with self-appointed titles of royalty staunchly predicted John Kerry. I stood by my word because I knew no Indian astrologers could be that affluent as they had claimed without any reference to the navamsha.

By far the most important divisional chart is the navamsha chart, which reveals the spiritual essence and deeper truth of an individual. The real clues to the outcome of a person’s life are in the navamsha. The maha dasha ruler and bhukti ruler must always be reviewed in the navamsha, for it will reveal information as to the outcome and indicate the inner quality of the cycles.

The navamsha chart (D-9) divides the 30-degree sign into nine parts of 3.20 degrees each. This is the most important divisional chart of all, and Vedic XE "Vedic" astrologers automatically compare this chart to the rashi to determine the results of a person’s life.

The navamsha chart is called the fruit of the tree. It reveals the future outcome of a person’s life, promising to manifest the potential in the rashi chart. We seem to become the navamsha chart as we grow older. These are the issues of the ninth house, the house of luck, fortune and spiritual pursuits. If a planet is in the same sign in both the rashi and the navamsha. it is vargottama, meaning it gains strength and is a more powerful planet in the rashi. Some also refer to the navamsha as the spouse who is the mirror of yourself.

To calculate the navamsha of a planet, the first 3.20 degrees begin with the first quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) of the element the planet is in, then the following divisions continue with the zodiac signs in order regardless of quality or element. For example, if Venus is 10 degrees of Scorpio XE "Scorpio" in the rashi, the first navamsha will be Cancer XE "Cancer" (the cardinal sign of the same element), the second navamsha will be Leo XE "Leo" , the third Virgo XE "Virgo" , the fourth Libra XE "Libra" , the fifth Scorpio, the sixth Sagittarius XE "Sagittarius" , the seventh Capricorn XE "Capricorn" , the eighth Aquarius XE "Aquarius" , and the ninth navamsha is Pisces XE "Pisces" . Because Venus was in the fourth division (by nine) of its rashi sign, Venus falls in the fourth navamsha of Libra here.

Nine Navamsha Divisions by Element



00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Earth)

00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Air)

00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Fire)

00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Water)









































To drive home these facts let us analyze the navamsha chart of George W. Bush.

Remember the rashi chart is the main chart, for it is the bases of calculation for all the divisional charts (the vargas). Generally astrologers dive into the rashi chart accentuating all the yogas, aspects and dashas forgetting to back up the findings with the navamsha. I have studied incredibly powerful charts with raja and dhana yogas only to find the individuals have struggled their entire life in a survival mode. The answers were always revealed in the navamsha. It is unnerving to work with the navamsha at times for the birth time must be accurate and we know as astrologers a correct birth time is hard to get. For just a matter of minutes can throw off the navamsha. It is the lagna that changes most rapidly. Each navamsha is 3.2 degrees, and with each degree the ascendant will change with 4 minutes. Therefore the ascendant of the navamsha will change signs from beginning to end within about 12.8 minutes. But as we know there are cusps where the ascendant sign is about to change and one minute is all it takes. As for the planets, (excluding the Moon) since they remain the same degree throughout the day the navamsha signs will not change. The Moon changes one degree every 2 hours so a birth time off by a few minutes will not alter the navamsha sign of the Moon either. So, the sign placements of the planets in the navamsha can be counted on but the house placements are questionable without analysis of the life and person. This can be an excellent tool for chart rectification (finding the correct birth time). The navamsha will reveal how strong or weak a planet is in terms of its results in a life. A planet that is debilitated in the rashi chart but exalted in the navamsha will definitely not produce the results of a weak debilitated planet. In early life there will be weaknesses that are overcome and develop into assets of power and strength for the chart. Remember the navamsha is what we develop into. Likewise, a planet that is exalted in the rashi chart but debilitated in the navamsha will start out strong and loose strength as the life develops. Planets that are in the same sign in the both the rashi and navamsha are called vargottama meaning the best varga. Vargottama planets are very strong and should always be assessed as powerful. Planets pick up strength when they change into signs of rulership or friendly signs in the navamsha. As will be illustrated the navamsha chart for President Bush is accurate confirming his birth time.

His lagna in the navamsha is in Scorpio a sign of passion and intensity. Mars as the ruler of this lagna becomes very important as does its placement and sign. Mars is in Leo in the 10th house in the navamsha. It is in parivartana yoga (mutual exchange of signs) with the Sun ruler of the 10th house, and the Sun is exalted in the 6th house in Aries. Both Mars and the Sun indicate leadership and positions of power. Mars is the planet of war and the commander in chief and the Sun rules political leaders. Their placements here in the navamsha are enough to predict the positions of power and leadership Bush has attained, but there is so much more to be read. The 10th house is the house of career and positions of power. The fact that the ruler of the 10th house resides in the 6th house and is exalted (extremely powerful) indicates he will beat his enemies, (the 6th house indicates enemies), and therefore defeating any political adversary or opponent. This actually explains why he is the president in office at the time of waging war on other counties who have threatened our safety The ruler of the 10th house in its sign of exaltation is enormously strong for leadership positions. Neptune in the 6th house with the exalted Sun can definitely represent oil and deception (Neptune rules oil and deception) involved in his presidency, indicating how these are factors involved in his re-election. The Sun in the navamsha changes the way we view the Sun in Gemini in the 12th house in the rashi chart. The 12th house rules foreigners and foreign countries. Many past presidents have their Sun in the 12th house because presidents must contend with foreign affairs. With Bush we can see where this semi weak Sun becomes the powerful leader dealing with foreign affairs, enemies and war. Mars in the rashi chart rules the 10th and the 5th houses constituting the yoga karaka planet (a single planet that has raja yoga status by ruling a kendra and a trikonal house) for Cancer lagna. A closer look at Mars here reveals it is vargottama. It is in Leo in both the rashi and navamsha. It’s rulership of the 10th house (career, leadership) and the 5th house (advisory positions, politics) in the rashi takes on even more prominence by it being vargottama and the sign Leo is the sign of kings and leadership. It’s placement in the 2nd house (speech and wealth) in the rashi chart indicates speaking for his career and advising. His position requires constant speaking out on his political agendas. Reverting back to the election of 2000 he was in the maha dasha of Saturn and the Mars bhukti indicating his win over his opponent. Remember, when in a maha dasha and bhukti you must analyze their placements not only in the rashi chart but the navamsha as well. The Mars bhukti would condone a win in that election.

At the time of the last election of 2004 he was in the maha dasha of Saturn and the Jupiter bhukti. Each time he was in the maha dasha and bhukti of planets placed in the 10th house in the navamsha. This is an unbelievable navamsha! For now let’s analyze the rest of the planets. Placed in the navamsha in the 10th house are Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. Uranus here gives a quality of the unexpected with surprises. I do believe in both elections his winning was a surprise and there are still other surprises yet to come. Saturn is in the 1st house in the rashi and in the 10th house in the navamsha but uncomfortably placed by both sign placements (Leo in the navamsha and Cancer in the rashi) but both house placements are kendras representing power and advancement in career but he feels and appears a bit unnatural for these powerful career positions based on the unfriendly sign placements. Jupiter is with the Moon as it is in the rashi chart bringing this geja kesari yoga (Jupiter in an angle from the Moon) to the 10th house. The Moon rules the 9th house which again brings blessings and the fact that his father (9th house rules father) gave him the opportunity for this position. Of course the yogas with these 4 planets here are incredible and denote all the more power for 10th house matters. Mars/Moon is a Chandra Mangala yoga (Moon and Mars in mutual aspect) which denotes business success, the 1st house ruler with the 9th (very powerful). Saturn/Moon ruler of the 4th with the 9th and Mars/Jupiter ruler of the 1st with the 5th, counting at least 4 raja yogas here. Raja yoga is the yoga of kings. (Raja yoga is formed when the ruler of a trikona and a kendra mutually aspect each other, as in a conjunction)

Additionally, Jupiter aspects Mercury and the Sun to add greater blessings in this chart. The dispositor of Jupiter is the exalted Sun which gives another powerful touch for Jupiter while he is in this bhukti during the last election. Venus as ruler of the 7th house indicates his wife as well as his vice president (business partnerships) is also exalted in Pisces in the 5th house in the navamsha revealing they were extremely helpful for his image and re-election. Rahu is placed in the 11th house in both the rashi and navamsha. This means attainment of your goals and usually you are the eldest one in your family amongst your siblings, in which he is. Furthermore, with the current elections transiting Jupiter was in Virgo aspecting his natal Jupiter, the bhukti ruler of this time. This is extremely important to assess with prediction, for to have a dasha ruler activated by transiting Jupiter is extremely auspicious. Jupiter rules the 6th and 9th houses in the rashi chart meaning overcoming his enemies (6th house) and the 9th house is the house of blessings.

It seems that the bhukti rulers are pivotal factors within a maha dasha. The maha dasha ruler will give the overall foundation (big picture) but the events that take place within this large scenario are based on the bhukti rulers. Maha dasha ruler Saturn as mentioned before, is strong by house placements in both the rashi and navamsha but weak by sign placements. On election day, and through out this year transiting Saturn is conjunting natal Saturn. This denotes a difficult year ahead with obstacles and hard work. With so much pressure on him I am a bit concerned for his physical welfare before he completes his Saturn maha dasha. In the rashi chart Saturn as ruler of the 8th house (Aquarius) the moolatrikona sign (the moolatrikona sign will give more of the results) The 8th house means major transformations and difficulty possibly referring to death. As with the onset of his Saturn maha dasha in 1987 he began to settle down and get serious about his life. Saturn is not an easy planet for his chart but denotes responsibility and transformation. As he completes this important cycle of his life many things will change. It is hard to say when the most dangerous times are in effect for his chart but I would have to say danger prevails constantly with the future transits. Therefore, those of you whom have contention in your hearts for this political leader please think again. The karma of our nation is based on the people of our nation. The political leaders are the result of our collective consciousness. Anger and resentments are turning our nation into a war zone itself. We have free will in how we choose to think and our thought processes are forming the collective awareness of our nation and world. Please pay attention to your thoughts especially in the way you think of our government and leaders for these thoughts are shaping our nation and always have. We have control over our own thoughts. For we imprison ourselves with our own limitations based on our fears and judgments. Conflict and war in the world reflect conflict and war in the mind and the outer manifestation are results of our own thoughts of anger and attack. To relinquish anger for forgiveness frees our world and ourselves from torment giving peace and happiness for ourselves and the world.

The navamsha chart is the 9th division representing our potential for spiritual advancement in life, for above all else this is the purpose of life. We are here to heal the illusion of life or Maya, to realize all is united in the joy of unconditional love, there is no other truth, we were never separate. We are the oneness of God. This is what the navamsha chart represents. So, I conclude that it is what we will become therefore; it is the most important divisional chart and must always be assessed when reading the rashi chart.


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At 9:20 AM, Blogger Betty said...

Vargottama is when a planet is positioned in the same sign in rashi as in navamsa, it doesn't matter what house the planet is in. If for example a planet is at 27 degrees gemini, it is in a vargottama amsha, it is in gemini in both rashi and navamsa chart.

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Both are correct. If you are making predictions based on B.V.Raman formulae which are slightly modified form of Vedic you should follow B.V.Raman.
If you follow traditional pattern of prediction then you should follow Lahiri.

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