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Thursday, July 13, 2006

ncellation of the bad, causing good”

These are some really conceptually tools one needs to know to access the strength and the yoga in a natives horoscope. Vedic astrologer love to read the chart that causes cancellations. It’s like learn Multiplication after addition. A good astrologer should know the basic principles of the cancellation of the bad/ good effects. Here are some example of some famous celebrities, please try and understand the concept of the Neechbhang yogas disused in their horoscope. by

Certain factors will cancel the debilitation of Rajyog in such a way that it actually raises the native in life, known as Neechabhanga Raja Yogas: Here are some scenarios that cause the Neechabhang. Neechabhang means “Cancellation of the bad, causing good”

1. The planet that rules the rashi in which the debilitated planet is placed is on an angle from the Lagan or Ascendant lord.

2. The planet that is exalted in the rashi in which the debilitated planet is placed is on an angle from the Lagan or Ascendant lord.

3. The lord of the rashi in which the debilitated planet is exalted is on an angle from the Lagan or Ascendant lord.

Bill Clinton

In the horoscope of Bill Clinton, Venus is debilitated. Jupiter, the lord of Venus’ exaltation rasi, Pisces, is on an angle from the Moon, forming a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. Mercury, Venus’ debilitation lord, is also on the angle from the Moon, forming yet another Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. Venus is the debilitated 2nd lord of family and wealth, and the 9th lord of father. His father died before he was born, his family life was disrupted while his mother went to school during which he was raised by his grandparents. His mother remarried, but to an alchoholic who abused his mother, verbally abused Bill, and wasted his mother’s earnings. All this suffering gave a great deal of motivation to be something through the planets that cancel Venus’ debilitation, Jupiter and Mercury. In Jupiter Mercury he became president of the US. In Venus antardasa, Clinton suffered on account of his affair with Monika Lewinsky, on account of Venus’ debilitation. The dasa and antardasa of the debilitated planet is still troublesome even if there is a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga.

Florence Chadwick

In the horoscope of swimmer Florence Chadwick, the Sun is debilitated. The lord of the Sun’s exaltation rasi, Mars, is on an angle from the lagna, forming a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. Venus, the lord of the Sun’s debilitation rasi, is on an angle from the Moon, forming a second Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. In Rahu dasa she had outstanding success. Rahu is in the rasi of Mars and therefore gives the results of Mars, of the Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. In Rahu/Venus, Venus forming the Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, Chadwick became the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions, setting a new record of 13hr 20min from France to England. In Rahu/Mars, Mars being the other planet forming a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, she set a new world record for the southward crossing from English to France.

The bad of bad can be good. Debilitated planets are not always bad; they can play an important role in a person’s horoscope if they are in a bad house. So in sense this works like algebra (- ve) (- ve) becomes positive. In addition to this, there is also cancellation of debilitation of the planet by the certain factors. The cancellation happens in different ways to has distinct effect, from reduce the ill effect of the cancellation to increasing the power of the grahs to actually increase the strength of the native’s chart.

This leads me in to the discussion about the combination of bad stars cancelled, thus bring in favorable results. One of the most famous yoga like such is “Vipreet Raj Yoga”. This yoga is equally powerful to Rajyoga except that the origination of the yoga in the native’s life leads to/ for something destructive. The Indian President, Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad, has a Vipreet Raj yog. In Dr Azad’s birth chat the moon is deliberated and is positioned in the 12th house. Now the negatively of the moon and negatively of the placement of moon cancels and the moon give Dr. Azad very favorable results. No wonder the Vipreet Raj yog gained the prestigious position of the President for Dr. Azad. Dr. Azad was the Chief Nuclear Scientist for Indian Nuclear Program.

The Importance of Navasma/ Navamsha.

Another concept is the horoscope of “Navasma”, which is a parallel chart to the birth horoscope. The Navasma shares about ¼ power of the chart. It is famous saying “If the Birth horoscope is the tree, then the Navasma is the fruit”. How useful is the tree if it bears out only rotten fruit. So therefore along with the A healthy chart it is very important to have an equally good navasma. Hindu astrology has dual purpose for the Navamsa, first to check the strength of the birth chart, second for marriage compatibility. The 7th house i.e. the house of marriage is checked in navasma for accurate prediction about a native’s spouse.

Here comes the fun part, simple and easy. The concept of Vargottam is the most interesting to me, Viggottam means “the best division”. In the Birth chart and the Navamsa a garh is placed in the same rashi it becomes Virgottam, there the star add extra power to the birth chart and amplifies favorable results. For instance : In my birth chart Sun in placed in the mercury’s house ( Gemini) # 3 and similarly in navamsa chart my sun is positioned in Gemini, which makes is it a Virgottam planet.

Here is a very interesting article on the importance of Navamsha. Navamsa is also known as “Navamsha”: Article by: Joni Patry

What leads me to write on the navamsha is the Presidential election. I predicted that President George W. Bush would be elected both terms based on his navamsha. The last election I had undue strife concerning this prediction. I received hate mail and even bets from other astrologers about this prediction. I would say about 75 percent of astrologers predicted that John Kerry would be elected. It really dismayed me when Indian astrologers I had never heard of with self-appointed titles of royalty staunchly predicted John Kerry. I stood by my word because I knew no Indian astrologers could be that affluent as they had claimed without any reference to the navamsha.

By far the most important divisional chart is the navamsha chart, which reveals the spiritual essence and deeper truth of an individual. The real clues to the outcome of a person’s life are in the navamsha. The maha dasha ruler and bhukti ruler must always be reviewed in the navamsha, for it will reveal information as to the outcome and indicate the inner quality of the cycles.

The navamsha chart (D-9) divides the 30-degree sign into nine parts of 3.20 degrees each. This is the most important divisional chart of all, and Vedic XE "Vedic" astrologers automatically compare this chart to the rashi to determine the results of a person’s life.

The navamsha chart is called the fruit of the tree. It reveals the future outcome of a person’s life, promising to manifest the potential in the rashi chart. We seem to become the navamsha chart as we grow older. These are the issues of the ninth house, the house of luck, fortune and spiritual pursuits. If a planet is in the same sign in both the rashi and the navamsha. it is vargottama, meaning it gains strength and is a more powerful planet in the rashi. Some also refer to the navamsha as the spouse who is the mirror of yourself.

To calculate the navamsha of a planet, the first 3.20 degrees begin with the first quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) of the element the planet is in, then the following divisions continue with the zodiac signs in order regardless of quality or element. For example, if Venus is 10 degrees of Scorpio XE "Scorpio" in the rashi, the first navamsha will be Cancer XE "Cancer" (the cardinal sign of the same element), the second navamsha will be Leo XE "Leo" , the third Virgo XE "Virgo" , the fourth Libra XE "Libra" , the fifth Scorpio, the sixth Sagittarius XE "Sagittarius" , the seventh Capricorn XE "Capricorn" , the eighth Aquarius XE "Aquarius" , and the ninth navamsha is Pisces XE "Pisces" . Because Venus was in the fourth division (by nine) of its rashi sign, Venus falls in the fourth navamsha of Libra here.

Nine Navamsha Divisions by Element



00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Earth)

00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Air)

00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Fire)

00.00-03.20 (Cardinal Water)









































To drive home these facts let us analyze the navamsha chart of George W. Bush.

Remember the rashi chart is the main chart, for it is the bases of calculation for all the divisional charts (the vargas). Generally astrologers dive into the rashi chart accentuating all the yogas, aspects and dashas forgetting to back up the findings with the navamsha. I have studied incredibly powerful charts with raja and dhana yogas only to find the individuals have struggled their entire life in a survival mode. The answers were always revealed in the navamsha. It is unnerving to work with the navamsha at times for the birth time must be accurate and we know as astrologers a correct birth time is hard to get. For just a matter of minutes can throw off the navamsha. It is the lagna that changes most rapidly. Each navamsha is 3.2 degrees, and with each degree the ascendant will change with 4 minutes. Therefore the ascendant of the navamsha will change signs from beginning to end within about 12.8 minutes. But as we know there are cusps where the ascendant sign is about to change and one minute is all it takes. As for the planets, (excluding the Moon) since they remain the same degree throughout the day the navamsha signs will not change. The Moon changes one degree every 2 hours so a birth time off by a few minutes will not alter the navamsha sign of the Moon either. So, the sign placements of the planets in the navamsha can be counted on but the house placements are questionable without analysis of the life and person. This can be an excellent tool for chart rectification (finding the correct birth time). The navamsha will reveal how strong or weak a planet is in terms of its results in a life. A planet that is debilitated in the rashi chart but exalted in the navamsha will definitely not produce the results of a weak debilitated planet. In early life there will be weaknesses that are overcome and develop into assets of power and strength for the chart. Remember the navamsha is what we develop into. Likewise, a planet that is exalted in the rashi chart but debilitated in the navamsha will start out strong and loose strength as the life develops. Planets that are in the same sign in the both the rashi and navamsha are called vargottama meaning the best varga. Vargottama planets are very strong and should always be assessed as powerful. Planets pick up strength when they change into signs of rulership or friendly signs in the navamsha. As will be illustrated the navamsha chart for President Bush is accurate confirming his birth time.

His lagna in the navamsha is in Scorpio a sign of passion and intensity. Mars as the ruler of this lagna becomes very important as does its placement and sign. Mars is in Leo in the 10th house in the navamsha. It is in parivartana yoga (mutual exchange of signs) with the Sun ruler of the 10th house, and the Sun is exalted in the 6th house in Aries. Both Mars and the Sun indicate leadership and positions of power. Mars is the planet of war and the commander in chief and the Sun rules political leaders. Their placements here in the navamsha are enough to predict the positions of power and leadership Bush has attained, but there is so much more to be read. The 10th house is the house of career and positions of power. The fact that the ruler of the 10th house resides in the 6th house and is exalted (extremely powerful) indicates he will beat his enemies, (the 6th house indicates enemies), and therefore defeating any political adversary or opponent. This actually explains why he is the president in office at the time of waging war on other counties who have threatened our safety The ruler of the 10th house in its sign of exaltation is enormously strong for leadership positions. Neptune in the 6th house with the exalted Sun can definitely represent oil and deception (Neptune rules oil and deception) involved in his presidency, indicating how these are factors involved in his re-election. The Sun in the navamsha changes the way we view the Sun in Gemini in the 12th house in the rashi chart. The 12th house rules foreigners and foreign countries. Many past presidents have their Sun in the 12th house because presidents must contend with foreign affairs. With Bush we can see where this semi weak Sun becomes the powerful leader dealing with foreign affairs, enemies and war. Mars in the rashi chart rules the 10th and the 5th houses constituting the yoga karaka planet (a single planet that has raja yoga status by ruling a kendra and a trikonal house) for Cancer lagna. A closer look at Mars here reveals it is vargottama. It is in Leo in both the rashi and navamsha. It’s rulership of the 10th house (career, leadership) and the 5th house (advisory positions, politics) in the rashi takes on even more prominence by it being vargottama and the sign Leo is the sign of kings and leadership. It’s placement in the 2nd house (speech and wealth) in the rashi chart indicates speaking for his career and advising. His position requires constant speaking out on his political agendas. Reverting back to the election of 2000 he was in the maha dasha of Saturn and the Mars bhukti indicating his win over his opponent. Remember, when in a maha dasha and bhukti you must analyze their placements not only in the rashi chart but the navamsha as well. The Mars bhukti would condone a win in that election.

At the time of the last election of 2004 he was in the maha dasha of Saturn and the Jupiter bhukti. Each time he was in the maha dasha and bhukti of planets placed in the 10th house in the navamsha. This is an unbelievable navamsha! For now let’s analyze the rest of the planets. Placed in the navamsha in the 10th house are Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. Uranus here gives a quality of the unexpected with surprises. I do believe in both elections his winning was a surprise and there are still other surprises yet to come. Saturn is in the 1st house in the rashi and in the 10th house in the navamsha but uncomfortably placed by both sign placements (Leo in the navamsha and Cancer in the rashi) but both house placements are kendras representing power and advancement in career but he feels and appears a bit unnatural for these powerful career positions based on the unfriendly sign placements. Jupiter is with the Moon as it is in the rashi chart bringing this geja kesari yoga (Jupiter in an angle from the Moon) to the 10th house. The Moon rules the 9th house which again brings blessings and the fact that his father (9th house rules father) gave him the opportunity for this position. Of course the yogas with these 4 planets here are incredible and denote all the more power for 10th house matters. Mars/Moon is a Chandra Mangala yoga (Moon and Mars in mutual aspect) which denotes business success, the 1st house ruler with the 9th (very powerful). Saturn/Moon ruler of the 4th with the 9th and Mars/Jupiter ruler of the 1st with the 5th, counting at least 4 raja yogas here. Raja yoga is the yoga of kings. (Raja yoga is formed when the ruler of a trikona and a kendra mutually aspect each other, as in a conjunction)

Additionally, Jupiter aspects Mercury and the Sun to add greater blessings in this chart. The dispositor of Jupiter is the exalted Sun which gives another powerful touch for Jupiter while he is in this bhukti during the last election. Venus as ruler of the 7th house indicates his wife as well as his vice president (business partnerships) is also exalted in Pisces in the 5th house in the navamsha revealing they were extremely helpful for his image and re-election. Rahu is placed in the 11th house in both the rashi and navamsha. This means attainment of your goals and usually you are the eldest one in your family amongst your siblings, in which he is. Furthermore, with the current elections transiting Jupiter was in Virgo aspecting his natal Jupiter, the bhukti ruler of this time. This is extremely important to assess with prediction, for to have a dasha ruler activated by transiting Jupiter is extremely auspicious. Jupiter rules the 6th and 9th houses in the rashi chart meaning overcoming his enemies (6th house) and the 9th house is the house of blessings.

It seems that the bhukti rulers are pivotal factors within a maha dasha. The maha dasha ruler will give the overall foundation (big picture) but the events that take place within this large scenario are based on the bhukti rulers. Maha dasha ruler Saturn as mentioned before, is strong by house placements in both the rashi and navamsha but weak by sign placements. On election day, and through out this year transiting Saturn is conjunting natal Saturn. This denotes a difficult year ahead with obstacles and hard work. With so much pressure on him I am a bit concerned for his physical welfare before he completes his Saturn maha dasha. In the rashi chart Saturn as ruler of the 8th house (Aquarius) the moolatrikona sign (the moolatrikona sign will give more of the results) The 8th house means major transformations and difficulty possibly referring to death. As with the onset of his Saturn maha dasha in 1987 he began to settle down and get serious about his life. Saturn is not an easy planet for his chart but denotes responsibility and transformation. As he completes this important cycle of his life many things will change. It is hard to say when the most dangerous times are in effect for his chart but I would have to say danger prevails constantly with the future transits. Therefore, those of you whom have contention in your hearts for this political leader please think again. The karma of our nation is based on the people of our nation. The political leaders are the result of our collective consciousness. Anger and resentments are turning our nation into a war zone itself. We have free will in how we choose to think and our thought processes are forming the collective awareness of our nation and world. Please pay attention to your thoughts especially in the way you think of our government and leaders for these thoughts are shaping our nation and always have. We have control over our own thoughts. For we imprison ourselves with our own limitations based on our fears and judgments. Conflict and war in the world reflect conflict and war in the mind and the outer manifestation are results of our own thoughts of anger and attack. To relinquish anger for forgiveness frees our world and ourselves from torment giving peace and happiness for ourselves and the world.

The navamsha chart is the 9th division representing our potential for spiritual advancement in life, for above all else this is the purpose of life. We are here to heal the illusion of life or Maya, to realize all is united in the joy of unconditional love, there is no other truth, we were never separate. We are the oneness of God. This is what the navamsha chart represents. So, I conclude that it is what we will become therefore; it is the most important divisional chart and must always be assessed when reading the rashi chart.

Raj Yogas " The Most powerful Star combinations"

The most powerful yoga is the “RajYoga”, which brings in kingly and royal status in one’s horoscope. Rajyog is rare and gives rise to native’s horoscope, resulting in immense enrichment in the native’s life. This Yoga is direct related to the occupation and means to earning. A person having this yoga is extremely strong in his related profession, also having a lot of fame and wealth.

Raj yoga is formed by the grahs and house combinations in a chart. The ideal combination is formed when the grah representing the Kendra house associates with the Triconal house. The association could be a direct aspect (dristi) or sitting together in same house. The Kendra hose number are 1,4,7,10 and the Triconal house numbers are 1,5,9. The best of the best yogas of the Raj yoga is called the “Maharaja Adipati Yog”, kings of king, Emperor Status.

An example of this yoga existing in Venus Williams horoscope: By Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A.

Over the last two years Venus Williams had become a disappointment. The former #1 women's tennis player in the world was on her way out, or so everyone thought. She hadn't won any major championships, her ranking had tumbled to #16, and she was plagued with numerous injuries. Fashion and interior design became her thing, not tennis.

That story recently changed. In May she won her first tournament in a year in Turkey, and then remarkably she went on to win the year's biggest tournament at Wimbledon on July 2nd! This was her 3rd Wimbledon singles championship, but this year she was hardly anyone's bet to win, being seeded a low #14. The year before she had lost in the 2nd round. This year, however, Venus was arguably the brightest planet in the sky again, practically overnight.

How can this dramatic comeback be explained astrologically? In order to understand what's happening now we have to first understand her natal horoscope. The dashas and transits, the main tools for prediction in Vedic astrology, activate the promises inherent in the natal horoscope. Let's first take a look at what the stars and planets say from the moment of birth.

Natal Chart Analysis
Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga in the 10th house
Venus Williams has Virgo rising with the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, in the 10th house in it's own sign in Gemini. This gives her a career orientation and a powerful career at that. How powerful? This is a Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga ('yoga' here means planetary combination) because Mercury is on an angle in it's own or exalted sign. 'Maha' means great and 'purusha' means human being. This is a planetary combination that gives her exemplary qualities of Mercury.

The classical texts praise this yoga with descriptions like, "The person is physically strong and healthy, with long arms, commanding stature, a gait with the majesty of an elephant, face like a lion, broad chest and shoulders, and proportionate limbs. The voice is sweet and impressive. The person is virtuous and learned, of a stable mind and very intelligent. Independent in all undertakings, judicious, extremely wealthy, blessed with comforts etc." This certainly describes her quite well.

This yoga happens to fall in the 10th house elevating her career, status and bringing fame. And if this wasn't enough Mercury is also Vargottama, meaning it stays in Gemini in the Navamsha chart (9th divisional chart), which further strengthens Mercury. Gemini is an agile, versatile and quick sign, which describe her athletic ability.

Mercury is also conjunct with the Sun, a royal planet, but not too closely so it does not combust (burn up) Mercury. The Sun gains directional strength or 'Dik Bala' in the 10th house, which further enhances the status, recognition, leadership, domination and career success.

The Sun is also the 12th lord in the 10th house, which can indicate a number of things - success in foreign countries, or a career that changes frequently, or goes in spurts. For Venus it looks like a combination of these. It can also indicate working for oneself because of the need for a flexible, independent work schedule. She's recently started her own interior design company.

Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga in the 10th house from the Moon
Overall she will become successful quite easily at whatever she does because of the strength of Mercury in her chart, which again is the 1st and 10th lord in the 10th house.

Her success is reinforced by Venus being in it's own sign of Taurus in the 9th house, which is also the 10th house from the Moon, an important alternate ascendant. This creates another Mahapurusha Yoga, Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga, from the Moon, which further enhances her potential for career success. This is significant because she has been in a Venus mahadasha or planetary period for most of her life, from age 5-25. She has been quite accustomed to being successful from an early age and became a professional tennis player at age 14. Venus in it's own sign in the 9th house gives her a strong sense of her dharma or life purpose, in her Venus mahadasha. The 9th house is a house of 'dharma' along with the 1st and 5th houses.

Venus is also her 'Atmakaraka' or indicator of her soul since Venus is the planet with the highest degrees in any sign. For so many reasons is it any wonder that she's so interested in fashion and design and that her name is Venus?!

Vipareeta Raja Yoga
You'll notice that she has 4 planets in the 12th house. At first glance you may be surprised to see this in the chart of a world class celebrity. The 12th house is a house of loss, expenditure, isolation, and planets placed there are generally considered weak. However, this is actually a special Raja Yoga or 'Royal' Yoga called Vipareeta Raja Yoga formed when the ruler of a dusthana house, the 6, 8, or 12th house, is placed in another dusthana house. The classical texts praise this yoga as well by saying, "This confers learning, longevity, fame and prosperity. The person will have illustrious friends, be successful in all ventures, a conqueror of foes, and a great celebrity." Again you could say that this describes Venus to a "T."

Raja Yoga, Chandra-Mangala Yoga and Gajakesari Yoga
This Vipareeta Raja Yoga is enhanced significantly because the Moon is one of the four planets in the 12th house. When you make the Moon the ascendant, several Raja Yogas are formed, by the combining of the lords of the 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Raja Yogas give career rise and overall success.

This also forms a Chandra-Mangala Yoga because Mars and the Moon mutually aspect one another, being conjunct in the 12th house. This contributes to her ability to earn money easily and accumulate wealth even though it is in the 12th house of losses.

Lastly, this also forms a Gajakesari Yoga because Jupiter is in an angular position from the Moon, being conjunct in the 12th house. 'Gaja' means elephant and 'kesari' means lion - the two kings of the forest. This yoga gives strength and leadership.

Jupiter, Mars and the Moon are also natural and temporal friends with the Sun, the ruler of Leo in the 10th house, so these yogas increase in strength by virtue of being placed in the sign of Leo.

Leo, the Royal Sign of Leadership
Another important point is that Leo is a sign of royalty, authority and leadership and is the best sign for competitors according to K.N. Rao. Often times you'll see athletes with strong planets in Leo. Venus' 4 planets placed here give her a tough competitive edge and ability to dominate. Interestingly, if you look at Venus' 3rd house of younger siblings you'll see that the 4 planets in Leo are in the 10th house from the 3rd house. This shows that her younger sibling, Serena, also has a powerful career and is a tough competitor. Both Venus and her sister Serena have their Moon's placed in Leo.

The Drekkana Chart (3rd Divisional Chart)
Incidentally, I believe that Venus must be born at least 14 seconds after 2:12 pm because this would change her Drekkana chart (3rd divisional chart) ascendant from Capricorn to Taurus. This is the divisional chart that describes siblings. From Taurus rising Cancer is the 3rd house, which becomes the ascendant of Serena, her next younger sibling. From Cancer, Mars is in the 10th house in its own sign of Aries forming a Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga. Mars is also conjunct Saturn and aspected by Jupiter in its own fire sign of Sagittarius. This describes Serena's fierce competitive drive
very well. In one interview Venus said, "I want to become as tough a fighter as Serena." Below are the two Drekkana charts with before 2:12:13 pm on the left and after 2:12:13 pm on the right:

It is very important to understand the Yogas in a horoscope. Yoga is a combination of Grahs indicating favorable or unfavorable results, Placement of the favorable and compatible planets bring about good yogas, however the same strength of yoga could be malefic if it is not a mix. I have studied astrology with through different sources, I am presenting to you the best so far. The mailer astrology India clear explains the Yogas and Yoga-Karakas in horoscope.

Also match the names of rashi with the perivious blog with English western sign, this wil be good practice.

Yoga Karakas

1. O Brahmin, Now listen to the effects arising out of lordships of grahas over bhavas.

2-7. Nature due to Lordships of Grahas: Benefics owning Kendras will not give benefic effects, while malefics owning Kendras will not remain inauspicious. The lord of a Kon will give auspicious results. The lord of Lagn is specially auspicious as Lagn is a Kendr as well as a Kon. Putr and Dharm Bhava are specially for wealth, while Yuvati and Karm Bhava are specially for happiness. Any grah owning Sahaj, Ari, or Labh Bhava will give evil effects.

The effects due to the lords of Vyaya and Randhr Bhava will depend on their association. In each group, the significance will be in the ascending order. Randhr's lord is not auspicious as he owns the 12th from Dharm Bhava. If the lord of Randhr Bhava simultaneously owns Sahaj, Yuvati, or Labh Bhava, he will prove specifically harmful, while his simultaneous ownership of a Kon will bestow auspicious effects. The grah owning a predominant Bhava will stall the effects due to another owning a less significant bhava and will give his own results. Randhr's lordship of Surya and Chandr is not evil.

8-10. Natural Benefics and Natural Malefics: Guru and Shukr are benefics, while Chandr is mediocre in benefice and Buddh is neutral (i.e. a benefic when associated with a benefic and a malefic when related to a malefic). Malefics are Surya, Shani, and Mangal. Full Chandr, Buddh, Guru and Shukr are stronger in the ascending order. Weak Chandr, Surya, Shani, and Mangal are stronger (in malefic disposition) in the ascending order. In revealing maleficence due to rulership of Kendras, Chandr, Buddh, Guru, and Shukr are significant in the ascending order.

11-12. Lordships of Kendras and Konas: If there be an exchange between an lord of a Kendr and a lord of a Kon, or if a lord of a Kendr is yuti with a lord of a Kon in a Kendr or in a Kon, or if a lord of a Kon is in a Kendr or vice versa, or if there happens to be a full drishti between a lord of a Kendr and a lord of a Kon, they cause a Yog. One born in such a Yog will become a king and be famous.

13. If one and the same grah gets the lordships of a Kon as well as a Kendr, or if a grah is in a Kendr or in a Kon, it will prove specially a Yog Karak.

14. Lordship of Kendr: It has been said that a malefic owning a Kendr will become auspicious, which is true only when it simultaneously lords over a Kon and not by merely owning a Kendr.

15. If the lords of a Kendr or a Kon own simultaneously an evil bhava. he (i.e. the lord of the Kendr or the lord of the Kon) does not cause a Raj Yog by mere relations stipulated (as per ch. 34, slokas 11 and 12).

16. Rahu and Ketu: Rahu and Ketu give predominantly the effects as due to their yuti with a bhava lord or as due to the bhava they occupy.

17. If Rahu and Ketu are in Kendr receiving a drishti from or in association with the lord of a Kon, or if Rahu or Ketu happen to be in a Kendr receiving a drishti from or in association with the lord of a Kendr it will become Yog Karak.

18. 0 Maharishi Parashar, please narrate according to the rashis rising as to which grah is a Yog Karak and which is inauspicious.

19-22. Grahas and Mesh Lagn: O Brahmin, listen to these with examples. Even though Mangal is the lord of Randhr Bhava, he will be helpful to (other) auspicious grahas. Shani, Buddh, and Shukr are malefics. Auspicious are Guru and Surya. The mere yuti of Shani with Guru will not produce auspicious effects (although they own a Kon and a Kendr). If Guru is at the disposal of a malefic, he will surely give inauspicious results. Shukr is a direct (or independent) killer. Shani, etc., will also inflict death if associated with an adverse grah (i.e Shukr).

23-24. Grahas and Vrishabh Lagn: Guru, Shukr, and Chandr are malefics. Shani and Surya are auspicious. Shani will cause Raj Yog. Buddh is somewhat inauspicious; the Guru group (Guru, Chandr, and Shukr), and Mangal will inflict death.

25-26. Grahas and Mithun Lagn: Mangal, Guru, and Surya are malefics, while Shukr is the only auspicious grah. The yuti of Guru with Shani is similar to that for Mesh Lagn. Chandr is the prime killer, but it is dependant on her association. 27-28. Grahas and Kark Lagn: Shukr and Buddh are malefics, Mangal, Guru, and Chandr are auspicious. Mangal is capable of conferring a full-fledged Yog and giving auspicious effects. Shani and Surya are killers and give effects according to their associations.

29-30. Grahas and Simh Lagn: Buddh, Shukr, and Shani are malefics. Auspicious effects will be given by Mangal, Guru, and Surya. Guru's yuti with Shukr (though respectively Kon and Kendr lords) will not produce auspicious results. Shani and Chandr are killers who will give effects according to their associations.

31-32. Grahas and Kanya Lagn: Mangal, Guru, and Chandr are malefics, while Buddh and Shukr are auspicious. Shukr's yuti with Buddh will produce Yog. Shukr is a killer as well. Surya's role will depend on his association. 33-34. Grahas and Tula Lagn: Guru, Surya, and Mangal are malefics. Auspicious are Shani and Buddh. Chandr and Buddh will cause Raj Yog. Mangal is a killer. Guru and other malefics will also acquire a disposition to inflict death. Shukr is neutral.

35-36. Grahas and Vrischik Lagn: Shukr, Buddh, and Shani are malefics. Guru and Chandr are auspicious. Surya as well as Chandr are Yog Karakas. Mangal is neutral. Shukr and other malefics acquire the quality of causing death.

37-38. Grahas and Dhanu Lagn: Only Shukr is inauspicious. Mangal and Surya are auspicious. Surya and Buddh are capable of conferring a Yog. Shani is a killer, Guru is neutral. Shukr acquires killing powers.

39-40. Grahas and Makar Lagn: Mangal, Guru, and Chandr are malefics, Shukr and Buddh are auspicious. Shani will not be a killer on his own. Mangal and other malefics will inflict death. Surya is neutral. Only Shukr is capable of causing a superior Yog.

41-42. Grahas and Kumbh Lagn: Guru, Chandr, and Mangal are malefics, while Shukr and Shani are auspicious. Shukr is the only grah that causes Raj Yog. Guru, Surya, and Mangal are killers. Buddh gives meddling effects.

43-44. Grahas and Meen Bhava: Shani, Shukr, Surya, and Buddh are malefics. Mangal and Chandr are auspicious. Mangal and Guru will cause a Yog. Though Mangal is a killer he will not kill the native (independently). Shani and Buddh are killers.

45-46. General: Thus, the auspicious and inauspicious effects derivable through the grahas due to their lordship according to the rising rashi, have to be estimated. Apart, the effects due to Nabhash Yogas, etc., should also be known which I narrate as under.”

These paragraphs are the direct translation of the famous astrology book “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, and has the most relevant study information. I hope you liked it. Please feel free to post your question or comments . Thanks

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here is the chart of a great Indian celebrity, Mr Amithab Bachan, Who has ruled the Indian cinema for over 3 decades. The below link provides us with the a deep analysis on Mr. Bachan's horoscope and the great combination and yogas the living legends has. Vedic astrologer, Dr. A. Shankar bases the anaylses on the Bhrigu Nadi astrology. Please enjoy the article.

Not all are born with the same destiny or personality traits. Some luck one are born with a silver spoon in the there mouth, after careful observation it has been noticed that these children are blessed with excellent Vedic horoscope, but that does not guarantee the wealth to stay and luxuries to stay with them for ever. One famous horoscope that exemplifies this notion is of Pandit Jawar Lal Nehru, India’s Ex-Prime Minster and a well known personality all over the world. Here is his chart, I would like to mention a few things about the different yoga that makes this horoscope a winning chart. Also he has one of the worst yoga a person can possibly have, known as the “Kal Sarpa Yog”: This yoga is formed when the all the Grahs are between the Rahu and Ketu , its adds constant worry and struggle through out life...

If you notice the from house 6 with ketu to house 12 with rahu, there are no Grahs present, so Kal Sarpa Yoga exists in Nehru's Horoscope.

Vedic astrology is not generalized prediction, for all born in the month of March or on the 18th in year 1981. It is very exclusive; a Vedic horoscope is calculated based on the DOB, Time of birth, and Place of birth. The astrologers’ then work out the longitude and latitude on that specific place and analysis the star position at the point in time the native is born. Here is look at this picture